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03 February 2011 @ 03:50 am
Nino More 07/2009  

To call him "Eternally 17" is to be diplomatic. Though he's kind and calm, he's also contrary. He seems composed, yet also shows moments of honest vulnerability. When it comes to Nino, no matter what impression people have, he skillfully negates them all. Nino is made up of contrast.

I'm full of contradictions, so I often get misunderstood. Living life tends to be difficult. (smile)

There is sometimes something provocative infused in his remarks. Just a few days prior he commented on a variety program, "I don't mind if my lover cheats on me," causing surprise to those around him.

To go through his relationships imagining his partner cheating is strange.

"Aah, if you just hear that line, I'd be misunderstood. (smiling) It's television, and the time is short, so it can't be helped, but... What I really wanted to say then was that I don't go through my relationships imagining my partner cheating on me. People don't want to be hurt, so they may think "What if my lover cheats on me?" and have their guard up, but I feel like that's not a trusting relationship, and lonesome. Not that I trust everyone without reserve, and I know that people are weak creatures and and can have affairs, but even so, to decide on things like that you're "dating" or "married", it's because you want to step into this new life and try it, isn't it? I want to nurse a relationship of trust for each other, and I think that's what you do.... At least I don't want to have a romance based on the concept of being hurt."

It's hard for Nino to convey all the feelings he has into words that have meaning.

"My words are heard in a negative light, and it's hard to get across what I want. Not only on television, but also in magazines. Sometimes things are written down and I think, 'Did I say that?' (smiling) But I don't mind. Even if it's slightly off, as long as the essence of myself is there, I think it's probably okay. Besides, even though I know I'm misunderstood or cause waves, it's like I'm a personality that wants to say interesting things. (smiling) That's the reason I get asked to places [magazines], so I want to stir things up. Besides, those that are interviewing me have really limited questions, don't they. For example, some frequently asked questions are, "Tell us about your recent role?" and "What kind of girl do you like?" When that happens, it's a 1+1=2 thing, where my answer should also be set, but if I answer "3" in response, they'll ask "Why?" If I could expand the conversation like that, I would want to."

The result is that Nino says, "I don't mind no matter how I'm viewed. Whatever image people have of me, I won't be bothered."

"People's impressions aren't something that you make yourself are they. I was probably labelled "Eternally 17" because I did a lot of student roles, but it's not something that I was purposely attempting to present to people. (smiling) It's think it's because I'm adult now that I know what makes someone a young man, and thus I can perform that role. No matter what I present, it's something that will be received differently by those perceiving me, so I'm not bothered by any interpretations, and don't feel like I want people to see me in any particular way."

Whether it comes to the world or to himself, he's someone that always takes the objective viewpoint.

"I wonder why. No matter how enjoyable something is, I don't forget myself. Even last year at Kokuritsu it was like that. At the end, when all the members were at the peak of their energy and sliding all over the wet stage, I was the only one that didn't. I instantly figured that there was the possibility of all the members' microphones breaking, and that would cause problems. Though even I wanted to fly around on the stage.... (smiling)"

Where did that strength and composure originate?

"It's really not that I'm strong. I originally had no physical strength or willpower. When I was a kid I didn't want to take a single step out of the house, and I only went to the Johnny's audition because my mom gave me pocket money. When everyone was dancing, I was sitting on the floor about 80% of the time, and I had no interest in dancing or singing. For someone who is by nature a person that just wants to stay in their house all the time to be doing work in this kind of industry.... Isn't that already a contradiction? (smiling) I think it's possibly that continuing on with this kind of work has naturally hardened me. The junior years were especially important. In having all those senpai groups' concerts to learn the choreography for one after another, I gained physical strength and concentration. That's why when I get serious about learning the choreography, I'm extremely quick~ Though it's different from our Leader, who makes movements his own one by one. (smiling) These days I don't dislike dancing or singing. Though it's not as if I like them, or am good at them."

Though even as he says that, he spent the entirety of his photoshoot humming. It seems that "Ninomiya Kazunari" is indeed made up of 80% contradiction. And from of the depth of those contradictions comes his appeal, and brings him strength--

ETA: Belatedly, you can find the original images and article here.
beegone07beegone07 on February 3rd, 2011 11:12 am (UTC)
now i know why he's the only one who didn't slide together during the concert.
he's so thoughtful though during the happy moment like that.
thanks for this~
vanchanwq: ohmiyavanchanwq on May 22nd, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
For example, some frequently asked questions are, "Tell us about your recent role?" and "What kind of girl do you like?" When that happens, it's a 1+1=2 thing, where my answer should also be set, but if I answer "3" in response, they'll ask "Why?" If I could expand the conversation like that, I would want to."

hahaha. I wonder if all the answers he gives on idol magazines like myojo etc are false answers? :P

I agree with him. Nino's such a contradictory person. 8D He just gives off that vibe. But that makes him appear more mysterious and awesome! ^^ and sometimes I get the feeling that he's actually smarter than sho? :O His answers here are really complicated. >.<

Thanks for this! :3 I enjoyed reading it!
Aya-chii: cutesyri_chii on July 7th, 2011 06:39 am (UTC)
thank you for translating.
So that's why he didn't slide and here I was thinking he didn't like to do it.
Nino, you're really making me thinking when I read your interviews.
chisahikoyochisahikoyo on August 19th, 2013 04:42 am (UTC)
hi !! my name is miriam!!
I like your translation very much !!
uhmmm can I translate it into spanish to put it on my page??
obviously with credits...
thanks for share !! ;D
Ruriruri_08 on December 6th, 2015 08:20 am (UTC)
Hi thank you! :) I am so in love with Nino and his personality. <3