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01 March 2011 @ 11:13 pm
Duet 09/2006  
This was sitting around in a very disorganized folder, and I have no idea which magazine it's from or when it is exactly, except it must be around 2006 because Jun's got his extensions in. It's this shoot if anyone can identify it.

ETA: Thanks to grutendon! It's Duet 09/2006. Tadah!

The member with the most idiosyncrasies? Matsujun.

What do you think you rank #1 at? Uniqueness♪ I say it with humor ♥ "Unique" means you're different than others, and something about you stands out, right? I have that. (smiling)

1) Who's the member with the most idiosyncrasies?

Matsumoto: Me. Even I think so. I've got a striking face, and I have weird hair and outfits. (smiling) I mean, that's just what happens.

Nino: Matsujun. He stands out whether or not he's in on mode or off mode. Even if I see him from 100 meters away, I think I'd know it's him. (smiling)

Aiba: Ohno-kun. His mother buys him his clothes, that's an idiosyncrasy.

Sakurai: Matsumoto-kun. His clothes and his hairstyle are really idiosyncratic. (Hearing Ninomiya's comment) And he always stands out whether he's on or off!

Ohno: Matsujun. It's in his clothes, his aura, and his face. (smiling)

2) Who's the kindest member?

Matsumoto: Ohno-kun. It's not like he openly does things, but you can feel the kindness as he watches over you.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. He must love me. (smiling) So that's why he's nice to me.

Aiba: Matsumoto-kun. He's considerably kind. (smiling)

Sakurai: Everyone. It's give and take.

Ohno: Everyone. Everyone in Arashi is kind.

3) Who gives off the strongest feeling of an elderly man?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. Because he doesn't stop putting his feelings into words. (smiling) Like, "Ahh, I'm hungry." He must be lonely. (smiling) He must be the type to talk to his TV at home. (smiling)

Ninomiya: Ohno-kun. In the summer, he's always wearing a staff t-shirt. Not to mention how he wears his facial hair. (smiling)

Aiba: Sakurai-kun. Because he drinks alcohol for a long time, and always has his meals late.

Sakurai: Satoshi-kun. I think so every so often. But then there are also times I think he's like a kid, too. That big pendulum swing is part of his appeal.

Ohno: Me. Because people tell me so.

4) Who's the member that wakes up the most easily?

Matsumoto: Nino. He wakes up and immediately starts moving. Though this is all just my image of him. Even though he sleeps in the car between jobs, I think he wakes up immediately once he gets there?

Ninomiya: Ninomiya. I can wake up in just one go in the morning. Though there's no one that's really bad at waking up.

Aiba: Ninomiya-kun. He seems like once he wakes up he's out the door really quickly. Though I'm not so bad, either.

Sakurai: Myself. When we're talking about sleeping between jobs, anyway.

Ohnokun: Me. Once I decide to wake up, I definitely do it. Though if I don't decide to, I can't. (smiling)

5) Who's the most energetic at night?

Matsumoto: Everyone. Even when it's midnight, everyone's in good spirits. We're really lively. And work goes smoothly.

Ninomiya: Aiba-chan. He's playing games at night, and when I see that I wonder if he isn't the most energetic.

Aiba: Aiba. It depends on the day and my mood, though.

Sakurai: Matsumoto-kun. He's really energetic. Like, when we're having meetings at night, he shows no sign of ending it. There's no, "Shall we do this tomorrow?" (smiling)

Ohno: Matsujun. I hear he drinks all night with his friends. I don't go that late, myself.

Who's the member who gets the most affection? Ninomiya Kazunari.

What do you think you rank #1 at? Games! Because I'm always always playing games. And recently when I saw the results of the d-1 Grand Pri I had that impression.

6) Who's the member who gets the most affection?

Matsumoto: Nino. He's good at getting into people's pockets. He has that sense. And he's good at making friends with people the first time he meets them.

Ninomiya: Ninomiya. I play boxing with my manager, and all involved with people.

Aiba: Nino. That's his personality. That's how I feel when we're together.

Sakurai: Satoshi-kun. I've never seen it, but he seems like he'd be good at getting people to spoil him. (smiling)

Ohno: Nino. He's excessive with skinship among the members.

7) Who's the heaviest drinker?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. He drinks forever! I drink for a long time too, but in my case I don't drink a lot, I just take a while. Sho-kun drinks the whole time. (smiling) Though being drunk doesn't change him much.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. Once he decides to drink, he just drinks. (smiling) Not to mention, he doesn't stop.

Aiba: Sakurai-kun. Even when we're drinking together, I think it goes on a while.

Sakurai: Me, Aiba-kun, and Satoshi-kun. All five members of Arashi can drink a considerable amount, but the three of us really like alcohol.

Ohno: Everyone excepting Nino. Nino drinks, but he's a lightweight and gets red really easily, so probably not him.

8) Who's the gourmet?

Matsumoto: Me. Though I thought Aiba-chan might be, as well. He seems to know a lot of restaurants. Well, everyone has their preferences, so of course I mostly know restaurants that I like, and so I picked myself. I do like spending money on delicious food every now and again.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. Because when the food takes a while, he gets irritated. That's a gourmet-type person. (smiling)

Aiba: Matsumoto-kun. He knows a lot of really delicious restaurants.

Sakurai: There isn't anyone. Whenever we're having rehearsals and we get take-out, no one really cares what it is. And when we all went out for soba, we all got similar meals.

Ohno: Matsujun. He said he goes out once a day for a good meal, so he has that fixation.

9) Who's the most popular member?

Matsujun: Me. Well, that's what I want to be able to say. It's my ambition. (smiling) Speaking of which, maybe the reason I've been popular with the kids lately is because of Domyouji? (smirk)

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. In my experience, anyway. And Sho-kun just nodded, so that's how it is. (smiling)

Aiba: Ohno-kun. Because he's mysterious. I think having those two facets is a good thing.

Sakurai: Aiba-kun. I don't mean with women, I mean with men, children, animals… he's someone that's loved.

Ohno: Anyone but me. When I look at the members, that's what I think.

10) Who's the merriest?

Matsumoto: Aiba-chan. He rolls around on the floor laughing.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. Recently Sho-kun seems to be enjoying himself a lot, and when I look at him he's always smiling.

Aiba: I don't know, I wonder who? Maybe everyone.

Sakurai: Myself. When I laugh, it's really loud. When you listen to the secret talks, it's mostly just me laughing, it's really loud.

Ohno: Aiba-chan. He's always guffawing.

Who's the member that seems he'd live the longest? Ohno Satoshi.

What do you think you rank #1 at? How often I pick my nose. This is really a habit now. I realize once someone near me starts laughing. Because I don't do it when looking in a mirror. (smiling) It just comes naturally.

11) Who's the member that seems he'd live the longest?

Matsumoto: Ohno-kun. I can't imagine him dying. He didn't have any ambitions in the past, so now it feels like he's getting younger. (smiling)

Ninomiya: Aiba-chan. Doesn't he seem like he'll always be alive? (smiling) He seems like he'd live longer than me.

Aiba: Nino. I just sort of have this image of him living a long time. (smiling)

Sakurai: Satoshi-kun. He seems like he'll never change. He hasn't changed since I've met him.

Ohno: Me. I sometimes feel like I'll just keep living. Me or Nino.

12) Who's the best at giving compliments?

Matsumoto: Ohno-kun. He compliments me nonchalantly. Though he's nonchalant in everything.

Ninomiya: Ohno-kun. Whatever you do or say, he'll say, "That's great, that's great." (smiling)

Aiba: Aiba. I think I'm pretty good at finding people's good points.

Sakurai: Nino-chan. You compliment him and he grows. He's also good at supporting.

Ohno: I don't know that there is anyone. Even if someone gives compliments, there's no one that's really "a complimenter".

13) Who's the most methodical?

Matsumoto: Me. It's a group full of A blood types, so I think everyone's methodical, but I'm methodical with the details. I'm probably neurotic. But the things that don't bother me really don't bother me.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. He's a typical type A personality. I think that every so often when we're together.

Aiba: Ohno-kun. There was a time when he wouldn't drink juice that someone else had drunk from. (smiling)

Sakurai: Matsumoto-kun. He always brings out all these files that he's got in his bag. I've started using files lately, and they're quite convenient.

Ohno: Matsujun. When he breaks apart the chopsticks that come with his lunch, he gets bothered by the fine splintering.

14) Who's the most talkative member?

Matsumoto: Aiba-chan. He's the mood-maker.

Ninomiya: Ninomiya. I'm always talking to Aiba-chan.

Aiba: Nino. I have this impression of him always talking. And he actually really does.

Sakurai: Aiba-kun. Oh, but, maybe Nino and Ohno-kun too? Those two are always talking with each other.

Ohno: Surprisingly, Matsujun. Sometimes he's even talking by himself. "I hurt here," and stuff. (smiling)

15) Who's the most argumentative member?

Matsujun: Nino. Not that he's argumentative, but he pins people down with logic. I think he's logical.

Nino: Matsumoto-kun. Though more than being argumentative, I'd say that his actions seem similar to that.

Aiba: Matsumoto-kun. He's always thinking, "If you do this, this happens."

Sakurai: Maybe me.

Ohno: No one. I don't think there's anyone that's argumentative.

Who's the member that shows the most leadership? Sakurai Sho

What do you think you rank #1 at? The amount of bags I carry around. They're always really heavy. When I go on tour, I always bring everything that seems like it could be necessary. Room clothes and speakers and things.

16) Who's the member that shows the most leadership?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. Though it's unfortunate, "Ohno-kun" didn't come up as an answer.

Ninomiya: Matsujun. When things are taking a while to get started, the person that says, "Let's start," and directs us, is always Matsujun.

Aiba: Sakurai-kun. There are times I think he really might be the leader.

Sakurai: Satoshi-kun. There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours.

Ohno: Sho-chan. He's simply good at getting everyone together.

17) Who's the steadiest member?

Matsumoto: Ohno-kun. Just nonchalantly. That's Captain for you.

Ninomiya: Matsujun. When meetings show no sign of ending, he's focused, and he doesn't show any fatigue.

Aiba: Aiba. I may be complimenting myself here, but I am considerably reliable. (smiling)

Sakurai: Nino-chan. He's composed. He can see the whole situation from the outside.

Ohno: Anyone but me. When I see the way the four of them work, I feel like I have to be more reliable too.

18) Who's the most active?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. He's good at using his free hours, and I have this impression of him always having plans set for right after work.

Ninomiya: Aiba-chan. Though I don't really know, but I think he has that kind of energy.

Aiba: Aiba. If I decide on something, even if there are problems, I see it through.

Sakurai: Aiba-kun. He always just goes ahead and tries things. Then it's almost like it's become "A no Arashi!"

Ohno: Sho-chan. I've heard that if people call him late at night, he'll go hang out with them. I would sleep. (smiling)

19) Who's the most knowledgeable?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. He knows about a whole lot of things. Like with the news, he always knows a lot more about the details than any of us.

Ninomiya: Matsujun. He knows lots of things, like how if you eat a banana, your legs won't cramp.

Aiba: Matsumoto-kun. I've also heard from Matsujun that your legs won't cramp if you eat bananas.

Sakurai: Nino-chan. He's not "knowledgeable", but he has a lot of casual knowledge.

Ohno: I don't know. Maybe no one.

20) Who's the one that most easily succumbs to loneliness?

Matsumoto: Nino. When he gets tired of being by himself, he'll go to where someone else is and start harassing him.

Ninomiya: Ninomiya. I think it's a similar thing to being someone that likes affection. Because those who seek affection dislike being alone.

Aiba: Nino. He's always talking, and I suppose that would be considered the symptom of a lonely person.

Sakurai: Nino-chan. He's often going to fool around with Ohno-kun. And at those times it's usually instigated by Nino.

Ohno: Maybe everyone. I think humans all succumb to loneliness. (smiling)

Who's the person who gets carried away the most easily? Aiba Masaki

What do you think you rank #1 at? How fast I can run. When I go all out, I'm really fast. When I did the all-school relay at our sports festival, I would participate as a representative with two or three others every year.

21) Who's the person who gets carried away the most easily?

Matsumoto: Aiba-chan. It's my image of him, though. (smiling)

Ninomiya: Ninomiya. In general, I'm not responsible for anything I did five seconds ago. If I'm responsible for something, it'll have to have been four seconds ago. (smiling)

Aiba: Aiba. I even think it of myself. (smiling)

Sakurai: Aiba-kun. He joins in immediately. And he gets everyone around him to join, too. He's frivolous, but I mean it in a good way.

Ohno: Nino. Everything about him. When it comes to the members, he's always coming to harass us.

22) Who hates to lose the most?

Matsumoto: Me. Well everyone, but I'll take it upon myself.

Ninomiya: Matsujun. I just get that feeling. When we're having concerts, or doing anything, he's that way.

Aiba: I don't know. I don't like to give up myself, but I don't know who's the worst about it.

Sakurai: Maybe me. I realized this recently. (smiling) I thought that when we were doing the boating during "Mago Mago", and when I was doing the stage play Beautiful Game, Yamazaki Yuuta told me the same.

Ohno: I don't know. In my case, I don't like to lose to myself. I don't want to give up.

23) Who's the most strategic member?

Matsumoto: Sho-kun. He's good at putting together plans, and when there's a short amount of time off where I wouldn't try to go overseas, he's made plans in advance and goes. He's really deliberate. (smiling)

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. No matter what he's doing or where he goes, he's the type that gets anxious if he doesn't have a plan in place.

Aiba: Matsumoto-kun. He's always planning out his moves. He's probably got a lot of things he's thinking about.

Sakurai: Everyone. If we're talking about work, we all have our different visions, right? So.

Ohno: I don't know. But it might be me. When I have a goal, I construct a plan to reach it.

24) Who's the most picked on member?

Matsumoto: Ohno-kun. He's a goldmine for it. He digs and he digs and it just keeps coming. (smiling)

Ninomiya: Ohno-kun. He's always being teased.

Aiba: Sakurai-kun. Even if he picks on someone else, he ends up being the one that's picked on.

Sakurai: Recently, possibly me. (smiling)

Ohno: I don't know. But people are always picking on me, so possibly myself. (smiling)

25) Who's the funniest member?

Matsumoto: Aiba-chan. I can't stop watching him. (smiling) The things he thinks and his intuition, and his pauses are all amusing. There are times he thinks before he acts, and times he's just being an airhead.

Ninomiya: Sho-kun. He's been brushing up on it. (smiling)

Aiba: Ohno-kun. When you're talking with him, the timing he has with his comebacks is really funny.

Sakurai: Nino-chan. He's really funny~ In backstage things and during varieties, when I look at Nino I end up laughing.

Ohno: Everyone. When you talk to them, they're all amusing. And especially lately, everything about Sho-kun. (smiling)


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[K]aoru [A]rashitsugeru on March 1st, 2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much <3

16) Who's the member that shows the most leadership?
Sakurai: Satoshi-kun. There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours.

--> I love Sho's answer~~~
garlikk_89garlikk_89 on March 1st, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
AGREE. so much love!
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さっちゃん: {Arashi} SexualBosscsaca on March 1st, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you~
mskbbyrainbowpursuits on March 1st, 2011 02:45 pm (UTC)
A very fun read! Thank you for sharing! :-)
Annaannacamillex3 on March 1st, 2011 02:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the translations! I totally enjoyed reading it! The hair is from the Aozora Pedaru time so I agree that 2006 is about right XD *i miss that haiiir*

Is it just me or are their answers not perfectly lined up yet? I mean that's to be expected since they're not psychics, but I had an image of them being a bit more united haha
eve_aidaeve_aida on March 1st, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
it's been quite long time reading this kind of interview. even the answers may be predictable, it's fun! thanks for this :)
meggmegaffud7 on March 1st, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
20) Who's the one that most easily succumbs to loneliness?

Ohno: Maybe everyone. I think humans all succumb to loneliness. (smiling)

LMAO! but i agree to Riida w/ this! srsly.

Thank You very much for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.
thefortysecond: Ohno WHUTthefortysecond on March 1st, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I love their "tell us about the other members" interviews- you can always see how much affection they have for each other ♥

Also this line

"I've also heard that your legs won't cramp if you eat bananas from Matsujun."

WHATTT? WHAT WHAT WHAT? I am so confused. And that line can be taken the wrong way, omg. WHAT.
darkieraatkerani on March 1st, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
now that you highlighted it... i came to see it the wrong way
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darkie: fruityraatkerani on March 1st, 2011 03:01 pm (UTC)
Ohno: Matsujun. When he breaks apart the chopsticks that come with his lunch, he gets bothered by the fine splintering.
so this have bothered Ohno for quite a while then... considering you said this is an old magazine... !! whoaaa!! he's hold this grudge for a long time now....!!

thank you for the translation ^^
Mayuko: junmayukoson on March 1st, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
That's exactly what I was thinking!! Oh Ohno. I feel like one day he's going to see MatsuJun do it and just flip out and punch in the face from the years of pent-up frustration lol.
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Revyallodole on March 1st, 2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
They're all so adorable ♥
Thank you for this :3
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thanks so much for translating..
somehow, i feel member's ai in this translation like sakumiya, juntoshi, ohmiya, etc.. XDD
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So cute :)
Thanks for translating
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thanks for translating, it really is fun to read
many member ai <3
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